The Process of Launching a New Website

The Process of Launching a New Website

Well what can I say, it has been a real journey getting this website off the ground.  It all started in December 2018, when we decided our old website was a real dinosaur and needed a serious update.  We had talked about updating the site on and off for a few years but as a company there were always other financial priorities.  

So we made the decision to update the website. First I called a few local companies and asked them to come in and pitch their ideas to us.  We were very clear about what we wanted, we had a list prepared!!  We actually felt sorry for all of the companies we met with because we were so particular about what we liked and wanted. We met with at least 4 companies and they all came in and pitched their ideas and their prices to us.  It was great fun, some made us cringe, some made us shake our heads in amazement and some just made us laugh out loud, not only at their approach but also at their prices. 

We found the "one" in the end.  We decided to go with West Midlands Media.  There were many reasons for this, they listened and actually took on board what we wanted as a company.  Their pitch was simple, honest and to the point.  Their proposal was well presented and made us sit back and take notice.  Their offices were to die for, and most of the management team want to move there now!  They weren't the cheapest by far but we wanted quality, not cheap.

What followed once we had hired West Midlands Media was an initial meeting with the design team.  We explained we wanted colour....lots of it on the new site.  The design team must have skills in mind reading because they got our colours spot on.  What they went onto create was exactly our vision of what we wanted the new website to look like.  They incorporated all of the aspects we had requested into the site and built the backend so well that we can change pretty much everything on the site if we desire to do so.  

For any companies our there looking to launch their new website, here is some advise that may help you based on our own experiences:

  • Research your company and your client base - your site is a marketing tool, who is your market?
  • Research other sites out there that run similar businesses to you - don't copy but no harm in seeing what is out there and how you can stand out.
  • Write down everything you need on your website - the website has to function for your business.
  • Decide on the colour scheme for your new site - this can be trial and error, what looks good in your head, may not look good on the computer screen.  If you aren't happy ask the designers to make changes.
  • Meet with a few companies and see how they work - it isn't just about the price, it's also about the build quality and having a good working relationship with the company. 
  • Be prepared for curveballs along the way - things don't always go according to plan and timescales can go off kilter, just get things back on track as soon as you can. 
  • Finally, let everyone on social media know that your new website is launching - get your friends, family and supporters involved.  

So here we are!  The new website launches on Monday 4th November and to mark this we are running an event over on our Facebook page, so do join in.  We are all excited and can't wait for you all to see the new site.  

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